Friday, July 13, 2007

OH MY!!!!!

Oh my goodness...I can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted! I need to get pictures on the site!

Anyway my class that just about did me in finished last night! My group gave a presentation and we did very well. Hope that I did as well as the entire group! is done ...complete....I have breathing room and this weekend is party time! I am going to relax, catch up with my blogging, my house, my knitting, and my life in general! I feel human again. I only wish this really was my last class....but alas I have about 5 more to go....but I will finish this degree..hopefully this May.

I have planned a trip to Florida for the first week in August. I am very excited. Two good friends from High School live in Jacksonville and I am going for a week to meet with them and we are going to have fun! We are planning all sorts of things to do. But during the week when they are at work....I am going to venture out on my own. I am going to shop, relax on the beach and cruze for guys! Thought that would get everyones attention. Really I am going to let loose and really enjoy my life. I have needed this vacation for so long and it will be great to get away from home and work.

When I get home this evening I am going to try and post pictures of the wonderful swap things I have gotten and enjoy a very good dinner without the worry about homework!
Later .....