Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whew....the weekend is almost here!

I know it sounds like I wish my life away. I don't really. My knee and foot problems are just wearing me down. The doctor finally issued me my form for a temporary handicap sticker until March. I am going on Friday to pick it up from the DMV. I have to walk so far in the morning when I catch the train I am exhausted before I get to work. The afternoon does the same thing to me when I have to walk to my car. I am so beat by the time I get home I can't get a thing done. Okay enough about me hurts and pains.

I have been knitting a pair of mittens for a swap I am in. I have chosen a really neat pattern. It's new for me. I am trying to improve my skills with patterned (intarsia) knitting. I am doing pretty good. Need to work on the flow of the carried threads though.

I have also gotten into fabric postcards and I am really enjoying this. I finally set up my machine in the cabinet I purchased over a year ago. I just need to clean out the room to organize my equipment.

Well....this weekend I am going to pamper myself and enjoy the long weekend....I am off on Friday and I need it so badly.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wedding Knitting - facinating story!

I was looking at the local Fredericksburg paper online and came across this story about a lady who is going to knit her entire wedding ensemble. There is a real story behind all of this. Go to this link and read the story. It is very fascinating. Rather sad how is started out but kind of neat how she is such a determined person.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Pics Yet! is when I need to really get down to business and organize my life. I have taken pictures and now I can't find my cord to hook up my computer and camera. When my friends were in town and my mom being there soon after......someone put my cord away and now I can't find it. I haven't hunted in all the possible places but I have looked where I thought it might be. I am so frustrated. When I get home at night I have just enough energy to eat and get ready for the next day. I really need to get myself organized and place the things I use everyday somewhere easily accessed. Okay I did have them that way but either my mother or my friends didn't seem to think laying on table was a good way to find life isn't my own sometimes. Oh well......once I find it I will be able to share pictures.

Oh BTW....did I talk about the fact that I have a huge grey moon boot on my left foot and leg. My achilles tendon decided to flare up and hurt me so badly that I was getting to were I couldn't walk. My doctor was afraid it would rupture....soooooo for the next 4 weeks I get to wear this gosh awful, gee this isn't sexy boot.......I have had it on now for two and it will be a total of 6 weeks I have to wear this yucky thing.....ugh.............

Keep good thoughts that I find that darn cord so I can post pictures!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Anyone out there have a brother or friend looking for a good Martha Stewart type?

Not really rant...but a sigh of frustration....and a bit of lonliness thrown in.

It was worth a try....LOL.....I am now 16 years alone and I have not found a good man for a companion....what is wrong with this picture. I am either their best friend or they only want one thing and it doesn't include conversation.....mmmmm.....

I have tried okay I go for the right reasons but it doesn't hurt to look, the grocery store ....that was nuts.!...every match site know to man...and they love to take our money on that....okay haven't tried the bars but don't want to.....not a 21 year old and don't like that scene anyway.......And the worst thing that someone can say to me is ...."all the good ones are taken"......I can't believe that because I am a good one and I am not taken!!!!!

Okay...I have vented enough. I am looking forward to my long week next week. I will be off from work and I am going to sew, knit and enjoy the week. I am going to take a lady to lunch that I went to High School with. She has a severe case of MS and she just moved into my area, got in touch with me and I thought this would be nice for her to get out for the day. She doesn't drive anymore and is divorced. My good deeds still abound....I enjoy it.
(But keep in mind if you have a guy just hanging around and you don't know what to do with him....LOLOLOLO)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I am Very Tired

It's October 1, 2008 and this begins the new year Federal employees. This was very tough getting through this year. I have the supervisor from hell. She, I have come the conclusion, is very predigest against older females. I am 16 years older and she finds fault with me every step of they way. When I requested a day off to go to the doctor she accused me in a round about way that I was creating a 4 day weekend (I work a compressed schedule and have every other Friday off) and having off on Thur. Friday and the weekend was a habit I was creating. I have never done this and so I am now using Thur. as my day off to take care of my dentist and podiatrist appointment and coming in on my Friday. OH BTW....she took off today...said she was sick....the day after the Govt. fiscal. I have big issues with this...we are all tired...and I drug my tired pain wracked body in so I could get my work done......She is just a BITCH. Enough said.....needless to say.......I am looking for a new job....maybe out of this agency. I am weary of negative comments and favoritism. Okay ...yes I know it happens but this office is the worst I have ever been around. I am too darn old to be treated so shabby.....especially when I try so hard. But I will not kiss anyone A$$! I draw the line.

I am so anxious to start working on my newest adventure ...fabric postcards. I have received the most beautiful ones and I will start mine this weekend!

If anyone would care to send me an encouraging word, I could sure use one, two or plenty! I am pretty beatten down at the moment and I am just weary with all of my health issues. Better yet, just pray for my health to improve and the other hopefully will fall in line...maybe she will leave.