Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well once again I have signed up for WW!

Well....I did it again. I have signed up for Weight Watchers at work. I think this time it will work. I feel this fighting urge inside now. I am heavier now that I have ever been in my life and I hate myself for what I have done to "ME"....but I got myself into this mess and I will get myself out. I think being at work I will feel more in control of the whole situation and not be tempted to cheat! Please ...everyone keep good thoughts for me and keep those encouraging thought waves heading to me...I can be weak and bad at times.....but this has got to stop and my whole life needs to change. I just plain feel bad and with all my health issues in the last few years....I am old enough to know better than to some of the crazy eating frenzies I have been on......
To healthier eating and that is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I think this is a first!

I don't think I have ever posted twice in one day. I have gone from being "Happy Mom" to unproductive worker. It has been so unbearably hot in our office today....not from lack of heat but from no air circulating. I work in Washington DC in a building that was built in 1932 as a warehouse for tanks parts during WWII.....we have no windows except if you are lucky enough to work in the perimeter of the building which is reserved for upper management and I do not even come close to the privilege. Out of curiosity I looked up the building. I wish it looked like this but alas this is what they project the building will look like someday with renovations. I had to laugh because we still have pink and green bathrooms from the 50's and some of the sinks and toilets I think date from them also....The outside is vaguely similar. It looks like there are more windows than we actually have. I work in the center where there are none! I enter on the right side of the building. It has a slight slope to the back. Directly across the street is the train station and this is where they use to load tank parts to the freight cars they just load people! LOL Oh well.....just a little trivia.

But to the reason for this little fit..... every thing I tired to do I's broken, won't connect to the network, or I can't find it....that's our government ....what can I say...but our great Congress can vote themselves a terrific bonus....okay....I promise I will not journey on that bumpy road! So I am ending this day with "I can't wait to get home after class and put on my jammies and knit before I fall asleep"! I am wishing my life away because I need a vacation....Sad isn't it...Okay I am laughing in all my misery.....=o)

Plus, I found out I studied for only part of my quiz tonight...he added pages from a chapter we are working on.....argh.....I think I am going to look into the extra credit paper he suggested at the beginning of the semester....I need all the help I can get....I have senior -itis just like a kid!!!!

I am a Happy Mom!

Today I am going to accept the fact that I am a good mom! LOL Seriously, in the last few years I have been able to accomplish so much and share my joy with others. From my previous post you know that I bought a Kindle II. I can't even begin to tell anyone just how much I enjoy it. It has cut down the heavy load I carry to work each day with a book to read on the train. daughter is an avid reader...I mean she reads all of the time. She admitted she was so envious of my purchase but held out the hope that all of the family could pitch in and buy her one for her Birthday. Well....I couldn't stand it....I knew she even more than me would use and appreciate the technical tool and really get good use out of it. I bought her one last week and it was delivered to her last night. She was almost speechless. I had kept it a secret for a week and kept tracking it to see when it was delivered. She has already charged it and downloaded her first book. She is traveling this weekend and it came just in time for her to enjoy it even more on the plane. I am a good mom (I hope and Steph tells me so) in many other ways, but now in my older age and better times I can financially afford to treat and it makes me so does this qualify me as a good mom? I hope so.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Just Have To Rant!

I know, I know...I need to post pictures but they will have to wait later in the week. Right now I just have to rant about this. I was so furious on Sat. I could have just spit! Saturday started out with me being a little late for my hair appointment and I just hate that because my hair dresser is the sweetest young lady and cute as she can be. She really performs miracles on my head and I just am so greatful to have found her. She is also the one who led me to my massage person who lead me to the nail lady and so on....Okay....I came out of the salon feeling so beautiful, headed for my care to meet a very good friend for breakfast when I hear someone calling...."lady" ...."lady" I turn and this little Asian lady was waving me to come to her in her dri-cleaners store....okay..the whole time I am checking to see if I have something stuck to me or my pants are dragging toliet paper or something. When I get in she explains she owns the store and she tried to catch me when I was going into the salon. I am thinking she dragged me into her store for some sales promotion when I was in a hurry. Oh NO.....she asked me did I know about a weight loss product that she was hocking and she would like me to try it.....I was flabber gasted!!!!!!!!!! She pointed at my full figure and said I could use now I ready to deck the little busy body and I looked at her and said no thank you I am on another program....and that I took medicine which I could not just take any quackery type items....she then tells me it is "all natural"...I was so pissed I just turned and left! Can you believe this!!!??????? How dare anyone even think they can begin to do this. In her broken English she kept talking to me about this stupid product....I couldn't believe it. The words I wanted to fling back and they were not pretty....but I didn't. AND THEY CALL AMERICANS RUDE. I grant you I need to loose a significant amount of weight but I am 5'9" tall and carry my weight well. I do work on it but when and how is my business alone!!!!! I would no more turn to anyone and say something about their hight or any type of noticable thing I would perceive as a flaw. This women had no idea who I was or my circumstances. I could be dying and have taken medicine that created this. RUDE! RUDE! RUDE! I plan to talk to the owners of the Salon and make sure they understand that this RUDE women is accosting their customers...I am not the only fluffy lady who frequents that salon. wonder hair dresser is fluffy like me and is more beautiful than this horrid little women ever could even imagine being. Oh....I am still boiling.

Monday, March 09, 2009

I Received My New TOY!!!!

On Friday I retrieved my packages from the post office and it was like Christmas. I received a wonderful package from my Coffee and Yarn swap partner, my knitting book I ordered and my Kindle II!!! I will have to post pictures of the wonderful package my swap partner sent. She so read me! I wanted to dive into the butter cookies but I am being good to photograph all first. I have already downloaded two books on my Kindle and well....I am so happy right now....LOL

I had my girly day also on Friday. I went to the post office, then headed to my massage lady...oh Heaven. I then went to have my nails done and finally my facial. I am getting so pampered and I am loving it. I have to admit that my facial is more of a corrective procedure and my lines around my eyes are diminishing along with that horrid menopause acne I was getting.

I am not vain at all, but I believe in trying to keep myself the best looking I can...after all I am on the market! (LOL) will follow if I am not completely exhausted tonight.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My New Toy!

Guess what I bought myself? I couldn't resist and my reasoning behind the purchase....think how much junk food this will keep me from buying!

I bought a Kindle 2 from Amazon! I have been eyeing them ever since Kindle One arrived. I waited until they worked out the bugs and then I pounced!

I travel each day by train to my job and the trip is about 1 hour 20 minutes one way. So I spend almost 3 hours commuting. I have carried my knitting and other small sewing projects but when I want to read it has been a hassle to carry books sometimes because they can be heavy. As I grow older I try to lighten my load as much as possible. When you work so far from home you have to carry certain things to survive...okay we women carry so much, but who do you think the men turn to when they need something!

With the Kindle I can carry several books on the Kindle and when I am finished with one I can move to another or read 2 at a time. This will be great to carry when I am waiting at the doctors office and other appointments. I am just so excited. It is so thin and light weight. I am becoming such a Techie nerd!

My Kindle is suppose to arrive tomorrow and I am so excited. I am already scoping out books on Amazon to purchase. At $9.99 or could go crazy! You can also subscribe to papers and magazines. more clutter in my house. Well less clutter....there will be times I will have to go out and purchase the real thing probably, but until then.....Kindle all the way! I am starting to feel like the organization bug is biting! Mmmmmmm......