Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happpy New Year!

Thought this was a was from the Lion Brand website newsletter..see the skein of yarn on the left of the sofa....I have used yarn for so many things!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fifty Eight Years Ago.....

Today is my birthday...I am on the downhill slide to being a fabulous 60 year old....and guess what I am GREAT! LOL Body needs some work, but the sharp whited mind is all there! Who said getting older is awful....I am one great cougar (did I say that!) ......LOL

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh my goodness's almost time for Santa!

Well....I let time slip by again. So much has happened in the last few months....subtle things and decision time for me. Because of my procrastination, I had to reapply for college because I had been out 3 semesters. I did go for my last science class at the community college but that doesn't count for missing the 3 semesters at I had to reapply, go into a new catalog and take two more classes! Yuck! So next semester I will be signed up for 3 online classes and probably be going crazy, but done! Graduation time in May!

I also have opted to have my knee surgery...knee replacement. I am tired of hurting and my quality of life going downhill each day. So I have pulled up my big girl britches and I am going to make myself better! Yes I am still knitting some but spinning my wheels on finishing projects. Once again this will one of my New Years resolutions...maybe one year I will accomplish it! Uh huh....sure....dream on ....hehehehe....what can I say I am a true optimist.

We had 20 inches of snow last Friday and Sat. For some of you....that's not much but for us who have very little or none most winters, this paralyzed the area. My wonderful neighbors dug my driveway out....I couldn't and was stuck in the house for 3 days! Not bad though....never dressed, no makeup and coffee all day was good to the last drop. Did I accomplish much...NO....but I did a great imitation of a slug! LOL

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas... or to be politically correct Happy Holidays...but for me I wish to all a Very Merry and warmest Christmas with of lots of love, good cheer and happiness. May our new year be filled with lots of accomplishment, lots of yarn and fabric and most of all peace on earth!