Sunday, January 07, 2007

I have the Best Daughter Ever!

Coffee Cozy

For Christmas my daughter surprised me with the best handmade items. This is a coffe cozy to help my sensitive knitting hands from hot coffee. This is for when I don't have time to brew my own coffee. I simply slip this on my purchased coffee and it has the homey feel. It has a tiny coffee cup and saucer on the ribbon! I keep it on my desk at work or in my tote bag. I am planning on making more! Yes...I have the pattern!
Picture Keeper
She also made me this neat case for my grandson's picture. You can resize for business cards or whatever your hearts desire. And could it get any better when she also made me this wonder knitting bag. She knitted it and felted it in one of my favorite colors.....PURPLE! Yeah!

Knitting Bag

Newest Knitting Project
I love this is so yummy and I just love the colors. It actually shows up better in person. I received this yarn from one of my swap partners in a knitting and coffee swap. Thanks Carin!
Could life be any better? Purple, yarn things, and yarn! I just need more time!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!!!

I started these for knit six. I love the colors and I hope to finish then in time for the deadline. I have started so many projects that I have a hard time deciding which to work on. Looking every one's blog keeps me way too stimulated! My mind races wanting to try and do it all!!!!!!
Today is very started raining last night and it is still drizzly outside. I have made a pot of coffee and I am snuggled down in my comfortable chair and will knit the rest of the day. I am off from work tomorrow because of former President Ford's funeral. I work about in DC and the traffic is a nightmare when any type of gathering happens.
I hope all had a safe and wonderful New Years Eve. and that 2007 brings us much happiness and prosperity. I sincerely hope we are able to bring our troops home and will see more peace and happiness in our country.

Many happy stitches to all and keep those needles clicking!