Saturday, June 16, 2007

Whew is finally the weekend

I am so glad it is the weekend! I at least can relax even though I have homework to complete plus a midterm to do. But I am in the bunny slippers (not really) but I am relaxed and ready to sit back quietly and accomplish what I need to.

On Thursday I came home to a wonderful package from one of my swaps ....not sure which one but once I charge my camera up I will take pictures. It was so wonderful...a book "The Knitter's Gift", a great felted mitten pattern, four skeins of felting yarn, beautiful stitch markers, the cutest snowman from a wooden spoon, and fabric fat quarters!

Then on Friday I received a wonderful package from my Secret Pal 10. A really nice skein of Paton yarn, a yummy candle that smells so good, a needle gauge, my favorite candy (Rocher) and the sweetest little card. I can't wait till she reveals herself. SP 10 has been fun!

Again,.....gotta charge the camera up and once I do I will take pictures. I let it run down...gee you think I was busy and had no time...LOL ! I am lucky to remember to keep my cell phone charged.

I better get to the homework and try to complete it so I can have a day of rest tomorrow. I will knit tomorrow...has been way too long...I think it will bring me back to a center of calmness I need right now. I hear all those knitting needles clicking and they are calling my name!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Burning the Candle at Both Ends is not good or wise!

Well once again my over acheiver alter ego has surfaced! I found out if I work really hard I can earn my Bachelor degree next May instead of 2 years from now. But I have to just about kill myself do this. Okay ...not really kill myself, but make a lot of sacrifices and plan the heck out of my life. Not one of my strong points since the creative side emerges whenever it feels like it. The new man in my life is not really on hold but he wants to take it slow and right now that is fine with me. Okay not really but I will worry about men issues later. I too old for my wants to hurt me....and just young enought to care....

The class I am taking at the moment is so intensive. It is a fourteen week class crammed into 7 weeks. It is just about to take me down.....but I will make it through.

I have been so busy that I have even knitted in about a week. This has frustrated me but I also have had to work late at work all week. Exhaustion has been my middle name. Why does it seem like everything hits the fan at once?

I did recently order some beautiful yarn to knit some washclothes and soap bags for Christmas presents. The pattern is so looks like a Victorian set. I got the pattern and yarn from Patternworks. Will have to take pictures and post some of my WIP and some of my other is my thought gathering day and I will be getting organized! Wish me luck!