Monday, November 01, 2010

Oh My! Where have the last Two Months gone????

In August I started thinking about fun things for the holidays. My plan was to start working each day on something to accomplish all my mind wanted....well...two months later and I still haven't gotten my ideas out of my head to my hands to start the process...once again....I am behind....

You would think I would learn by my past procrastination and get a jump on things...No...I let them languish in my head like sugar plum fairies and there they stay until I forget about them. So the following year I think up all new ideas and they never leave my head either....I mean so well...what is it they say...the road to Hell is paved with good intentions...Oh I have paved mine to the doorstep!!!!! is just Nov. 1st...maybe I can pull it together and at least get some of my great ideas done! I will try very hard.