Thursday, February 25, 2010


I had my MRI yesterday. My doctor is doing a new procedure where he takes measurements of my knee from the MRI and it is less time in that is a good thing. So one step down.

Step Two: Week after next is the class that tells me all about what I am going to have done and procedures to follow....and all the "stuff" for recovery.

Keep me in your prayers.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Official Now

I made the appointment with the orthopedic doctor and I went there on February 19th. He confirmed that I needed my knee replaced and on March 22, 2010 I will get my new warranty part! I have gone through so many emotional phases over the past few days. But I have made the decision to go ahead with the operation because my physical quality of life is horrible right now. I have a great group of friends who have offered to help, my mom and daughter are planning to be with me and my job is going to let me work from home when I feel I am able after surgery. Life couldn't be any better could it?

Will blog more about this later....but in the meantime....keep me in your prayers!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Snow - way too much!

Living in Virginia all of my life we just haven't haven't had that much snow in the areas I have lived. But this year has outdone itself! We have had significant snowfalls. There was one on Saturday and I loved seeing it come down but then I began to wonder just how I was going to get out. It was only 8 inches and by most peoples standards...that's not much. But when you don't' unusually have any or very little...I was worried. With my bad knee and back I just didn't know if I could do it. But then again, the angels of the neighborhood once again came out and cleaned my drive way. I was so grateful! So this morning I, along with all the other commuters, headed out to work in 21 degree weather and I hope that some of this stuff melts today. I had a hard time starting my car, my feet are still cold, and I slid making a turn onto the road that takes me to the train station. So this morning I am moving a little slower and just trying to get some organization and work done here at work. I think I am going to make a list for work and then for home.

I started my online class for finishing my Bachelors and I will do two more in about 6 weeks. Then I will be completely finished. These last two were added to the new course outline and I had to take them because I procrastinated and had to reapply for school so I fell under the catalog....this is going to teach me not to procrastinate anymore!

I did spend the weekend getting homework done, doing some housework and the rest knitting on projects I am trying to complete.

I have found my camera cable so when I take some pictures of the projects I am working on, I will post them.

Until another day....