Saturday, December 09, 2006

I am still trying to figure out this blog site. I want to add pictures and such but will have to wait till later when my daughter can advise me. In the meantime I have had other issues. The day before Thanksgiving a young girl (only 16) hit my car and did a lot of damage. I was in....of course my favorite place....the Knitter's cottage. Her foot slipped and she backed into my car full force. I was in the shop....and can you believe it...she came in and actually told me! Have to give her parents kudos for raising her right!

I made a hair appointment and when I came out of the shop.....I had a flat tire on the rental! With the wait and having to go back to the rental place to exchange the car for another, my day was shot. I did not get any of the errands done I had planned. So I came home, watched TV and guess what else.....knitted. Another day will come tomorrow and hopefully I can be more productive.

I can't let this ruin my holiday plans! Right?

I was so excited to have 2 of my new knitting swappers contact me on my blog. I am having so much fun with this!

I have my exam to finish by next Thursday and then it is Christmas wrapping and tree trimming all the way!

Happy stitches and Merry Christmas to ALL!

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wendy said...

Now I have a face to put to your name! I wanna see some knitting now! What are you working on? I'm so glad your were watching the car wreak instead of being in it!