Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How do you ladies do it?

I am at a loss how so many of you accomplish so much. I seem to get further behind and I just don't get enough knitting in. I know that I work 50 miles from home and this takes at least 2 1/2 hours out of my day. Lately I have been coming home and just collapsing. I guess maybe I burn the candle at both ends too much and I am not that young anymore. Okay, I am not that old either. I need to post pictures and get things out to the post office. I also am frantically knitting socks for my SITMT partner and a kazillion other things. My buzz work lately has been...FOCUS...FOCUS Iva FOCUS!!!!! Think it will help????

On a happier note...I have lost 10lbs. My healthier eating style is making me feel better, but I just wish the energy level would rise. Okay...I have gobs more weight to loose and this might just take time for the energy level to come up to par. But I am focused on that. I have been 10 weeks without a diet coke...I went cold turkey and the only time I really crave one it when I have a burger, a healthy one on whole grain bun with lots veggies. I drink tea or water instead. But other than that I am really enjoying this.

I promise I will publish pictures. I have received some very nice packages in the mail and my poor swap partners have had to ask me if I have received them. I am so ashamed! I will hold the suspense until this weekend when I finally take the pictures and post them!

I am at work doing this and I need to get some work until this weekend ...let me hear those knitting needles click!

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