Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oooops...forgot one of my gifts!

I participated in a Swap-Bot swap and I received this wonderful package from Scotland. I absolutely love the vintage lace and tray cloth. I love the yarn. I have gotten into so much color lately, it is nice to receive some neutral yarn. The mints are long gone....yum!

I thought I would also include pictures of my little bear I bought myself. I keep him near my computer and pose him when I am down....I haven't named him yet....hmmmm, maybe a contest is in the works....stay tuned!


Miss Me said...

the bear is adorable! and don't you have some nice looking new yarn? your old supervisor sounds "charming". i think she may have spent some time in my office, too! every office seems to have at least one. i have been lucky that it has been a while since one of them was my supervisor!

rita said...

I love your bear! How can anyone resist that darling face?

Anonymous said...

hey sock pal,
glad that some of your things arrived to cheer you up. There's more to come, socks now finished!!
watch for the the posty

sock pal

Kazahn said...


WickedCookie said...

Hey there!

This is Paula's daughter Shirley. I found you on Ravelry, what a small world!

I left you a message over at Ravelry, too.

Nice to bump into your blog!

Dinos said...


Akinogal said...

See Here or Here

Mitchypoo said...

That tray cloth and yarn from Scotland is absolutely beautiful! What a lucky girl you are!