Sunday, February 24, 2008

New Pictures...Finally!

Well this is the last week of February and I am doing well on my healthier eating plan. I have to say it has been trying at times but I have become determined and am doing well. I have been 6 weeks without diet cola. A feat in itself. I have lost about 10lbs. in the last 5 weeks. I have lots to go and no I won't do one of those counters. I am doing this for myself feel healthier and bring my blood pressure under control. So enough of that.

I went to my LYS and of course had to add to my stash. Actually some of this is headed to some of my secret pals I have ....but it will be a secret until they receive it!

I have in the last few days recieved some wonderful gifts from secret pals and it has lifted my spirits. I have been down in the dumps about my job. I have decided not to really talk about it but pull up my bootstraps and prove my old supervisor wrong. Just a little background....She is and will always be, I am sure, a mean and vindictive "B". She lied on my apprasial and well ...she created problems for me. Needless to say she has been demoted to a job way in the corner of a room that is dreary and sad.....LOL....and thank goodness I have no reason to have contact with her. Enough of her....on to my wonderful gifts!

From my secret pal, Sock it To Me Twice, I received the cutest sock bag, beautiful yarn, and the cutest stitch holder and card.

From Swap-bot pal I received this wonderful yarn, pattern, and beads with needle to feed the beads onto the yarn. Oh and another wondeful yarn bag. This one is made from reproduction vintage it! The pattern is from knitty and I find it a very interesting yarn. It will go on my do list for later....I can't wait...I have been so blessed! Oh my I almost forgot about the dark chocolate bar! I absolutely love dark chocolate and it is so much better for us. Now this is tough....I have to only eat small pieces at a time but it so worth savoring! Hmmmm....yummy!

This is my yarn I purchased at my LYS yesterday....Yummy....hmmmm......Oh and I couldn't resist this book and a set of needles to try knitting two socks at one time. Always need to try something new! The yarn is Plymouth Happy Feet. One of the ladies at the shop was knitting with it and she loves it. It is very soft and the colors were so beautiful! Hard to make a decision. The colors are richer than I could photograph.

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