Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Contest -Woo-Hooo!!!

Make sure you go to Nancy's blog and read about her contest. She has posted 300 times! Can you believe it? What an inspiration! Her rules are so easy and her blog is fun to read! Make sure you mention to Nancy I sent you!

My knitting tip: I always keep a mechanical pencil with all my projects...when I find an area that needs to be changed in a pattern or an area I might have changed I immediately have my pencil there to jot my notes on my pattern. I also make several copies of the pattern instead of using my original book or pattern. Then I will be able to transfer the changes to the original. I always have a project to go and I don't always want to take the book or pattern with me.

The person I get so much of my information from is Miss Me. Check out her blog. It is such a joy to read and she is such an accomplished knitter!

Until another time..keep the knitting needles clicking!


Anonymous said...

Hi there
lost your email addy, so just to say theres 1 small treat on its way to you, keep an eye for the postman, theres more to follow,just finishing sox
your SITMT sock pal

scappyhappy said...

Oh..I can't wait! I will be sure and post it so you can see that it came!

Anonymous said...

hey there , there are 4 small packages in total on there way, when you recieve all 4 there will be a box winging its way to you!!

your sock pal,