Thursday, February 07, 2008

Where I can I buy more time?

The new year is here and I seem to need more time than ever. I am still burning the candle at both ends trying to complete my degree and work full time. I just can't seem to budget my time well and this completely frustrates me. I fantasize about knitting all day with out a care in the wouldn't that be nice. I think getting all of this work done to my house and with everything else I am just mentally drained. And for some reason ...people in general are just getting on my nerves. Think I need another vacation? I feel I am on the coaster to happy land and it forgot to stop and let me off. I know once the weather warms up and all this work is done and I can finish putting things in order in my home I will once again feel better.

I need to post pictures...have taken so many but have not posted.....okay I really....I lost the cable to attach my computer to my camera and I just found it! YEAH! Once again....I need order in my house! It's coming but not fast enough for me!

Is there anyone out there that can send me a sanity lifeline? Just kidding.....but still had to ask.....LOL

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Miss Me said...

if i find a good source for buying time, i PROMISE to let you know! i'm looking for one myself...