Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh My..How Time Has Flown By!

The last two months have just flown by and I wish I could say they were memorable...well they were but not in a good way. I am finishing up my degree and the push is on. My classes are so packed with homework and to top it all off, I had to take a two week class for work which was over 65 miles from where I live! The trek alone did me in....I finished both my college class and class for work with flying colors...but I got sick...I mean down in the bed for week sick. I had the flu, along with what the doctor thought was pneumonia (thank goodness it wasn't) and my allergies all at once. I ran a high fever and just wanted to sleep forever....all of this one week before Christmas....needless to say...not shopping, no baking and no decorating took place at my house. I love Christmas and the joy of being with family and friends..but this year I can say I am glad it is over. I hope this next year proves to be a better year and I can get things more organized in my life. I need to post pictures of the wonderful things my swap partners have given some of the thoughtful gifts I received for Christmas.

I have started my quest to get organized. I have the battery charging for my camera (it has been dead for months) and I have finally put my address list in a file in my computer. I have been slowly putting things away in an organized manner and yes I can find them again when I need them...I think I might have turned over that new leaf. The weight issue...well one problem at a time. Will post pictures within the next few the mean time....

I hope everyone will have a wonderful New Year as we embark upon this clean slate to our lives in the year 2008! May all your prayers be answered, your lives be enriched by your friends and family and your faith in God be the first priority this year.

God Bless Each and Everyone!

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