Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sock It To Me Twice Swap!

I am participating in Sock It to Me Twice secret pal exchange! Below are my answers to the questions.
The Questions:
1.How long have you been knitting? Do you consider yourself beginner, intermediate, advanced?
I consider myself an intermediate knitter. Always room for improvement!

2.How long have you been knitting socks?
A little over a year. Knitted sweaters, afghans and such before

3.What are your favorite fibers to work with?
I am bit of a yarn snob. I love wool and other natural fibers.

4.What is your favorite color?
I love pink, purple, and blue.....but I love all colors except orange.

5.What are your current WIPs (works in progress)? many...several socks, a sweater and a lace shawl. The lace shaw is my newest venture. I actually have just gotten the yarn but it is so calling my name!

6.Name your favorite yarns, (brand, fibers, colors, etc.).
Debbie Bliss, Jitterbug, Lornas lace, and well I am game for any yummy yarn that is a natural fiber.....I love to experiment!

7.What are some yarns/fibers that you stay away from.
Acrylics...they feel so is so hard to knit with them.

8.What is your family situation? (Married, kids, pets?)
I live alone..divorced, no pets and my daughter is grown (she is an avid knitter like her mom!)

9.Name some of your hobbies.
I love to quilt. There are times I can't decide which to do....knit or quilt! I am a fiber lover!

10.Name some of your favorite movies?
Driving Miss Daisey and Steel Magnolias....I am a true Southerner but with a modern outlook!

11.Do you like to read?

12.Do you collect anything?
I love any type of sewing gadgets, and I am a tote bag queen....I love little zippered pouches and such!

13.Do you own an iPod or mp3 player?
I have an iPod.

14.What are your favorite type of knitting needles?
Addis or wooden

15What knitting notion could you not live without?
My trusty tape measure, which I always seem to misplace but eventually find in the previous project bag!

16.Who are some of your favorite designers?
I like most..haven't picked a fav yet.

17.Do you subscribe to any magazines? (Knitting or otherwise.)
No not yet...just keep looking at them....I am more of a book person.

18.When is your birthday?
December 29th...just around the corner..wink, wink!

19.Do you have a "wishlist", (on Ravelry, Froogle, or Amazon)?
Working on one....but not yet...I seem to buy a book before I put it in my list.

20.Do you have a Ravelry ID?
Will post when I set it up...please check back.

21.If you had a sheep, what would you name it?


sock it to me twice pal said...

hey again
thanks for the q&a's
you seem to have similar tastes to me,soshouldmake for a good swap,
hope alls well,
your sock pal

scappyhappy said...

Oh hi secret pal! I think this will be fun! Sorry it took me sometime to get my act together to get the q&a's up...I mean well..just time gets away!

secret sock pal said...

hey again
could you mail me with your email addy?
then we can get to know each other better!

secret email, im not darren!!!