Sunday, November 04, 2007

I Have Overwhelmed Myself Again

Right now at this moment I am trying to hold it together. I finally got out 3 packages of swap things. big task down. I still owe one more and I know she is furious with me. But my heart has not been in it. I am now trying to clean out 30 years of memories and make room for my new bedroom set. It is being delivered in 2 weeks. I also am having major work done to my home and oh my what a mess! They actually won't start until 6 weeks from now but guess what time frame that is???? Christmas. So..along with school and my other things ...well .... I am majorly over extended. My mom ..bless down helping me throw out ...weed out...and put things away. It is a major undertaking and I am completely overwhelmed. So say a little prayer that I will be back close to normal when Christmas rolls around!!!

Well....I am off to dust ville!


Secret Pal said...

Goodness, sounds like a lot is going on over there. We are in the midst of something similar. We are cleaning out lots of things to make room for family, and it is difficult to decide what goes and what stays.

I am sending you lots of positive energy!

scappyhappy said...

Thank you Secret Pal...I never seem to pace myself...might be that right brain thing! I need to post the neat things you sent me. My camera is out of juice and I need to power it up! I can't wait to plant the bulbs in the little vases. You were so thoughtful!

Miss Me said...

on the bright side - you have a long weekend coming up! enjoy it. it sounds like you both need and deserve it.

sock it to me twice pal said...

hey sock it to me twice pal,
just stopping by to say hi,
looks like your busy, im in de cluttering mode too, my house loks like twice the size now ive streamlined!!
good luck with it all
dont forget to keep time for knitting

your secret pal

Anonymous said...

Just keep picturing the ideal room you wish for and eliminate anything that doesn't fit that picture. After watching an Oprah show the other day with a woman with many items in her house I vowed that I would be undergoing a major cleanup in my own house. I think it has something to do with a new year coming that gets us thinking.