Sunday, August 01, 2010

Looks like rain!

Today it finally looks like rain. They are calling for it and we desperately need the rain. It is so dry in our area. We have had a few 105 degree days and the rest have been up in the 90's. Only a few in the 80's. The heat is hard on me and I have never done well with it. I crave the cool nights of fall.

I am dealing with so much swelling in my legs, ankles, and feet. I need to put my legs up more since my surgery...but who has time. I try to when I knit but I don't knit all that long each day. I try to drink more water and that helps some but ....well....loosing weight I guess will help. I am taking each progress a little at a time and doing the best I can. Tough running a house all on your own....but you deal with the hand dealt...right?

The weekend has gone by so fast like every weekend does. I never seem to get all the things I want to accomplish.....not enough hours in the day. I have finished some knitting projects, but I really want to begin quilting again. I haven't done much because of my studies. I have purchased fabric for several quilts and I have washed the fabric. Now I just need to press all of the fabric and cut out the pieces. I will have to clean the house faster to get to my projects. LOL

I am headed to visit my mother today. A little more knitting time there. Mom always fixes a great lunch and we have a good time talking.

Until later.....

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