Saturday, October 02, 2010

Once again...Where has the time gone....?

I remember my mother telling us kids time goes by so fast. Of course being a youngster we thought it never went fast enough. Now I completely understand what she meant. Here it is almost the holidays and have I finished much of my knitting projects that I started last year....NOT. But I will keep plugging along. Not much happening other than work and trying to clean the house. Cleaning is something I detest...and once I get things sorted out I am hiring a cleaning person. I am thinking about trading in my car for a new one. I wasn't going to but where that young girl hit my car several years ago..I am having some issues where they didn't fix it properly...something that wouldn't have shown up until later. Still makes me made. A parent giving a 16 year old a brand new car and she was so irresponsible. She backed into my car full force and didn't hit the brake until too late. Her foot slipped off the pedal because it had been raining and her feet were wet. So...I am considering a new vehicle. Will have to really think about it.