Monday, October 04, 2010

Where I Store My Crowns

Since I am the oldest in the family of two other brothers, I have always teased them and told them I was wants are the first to be pleased...(LOL) so when I saw this. I just had to put it on my blog. I found it on another friends blog. (Stop over it is a beautiful blog about our furry little children and friends.)
I am sure my brothers and their kids would agree "Aunt Iva thinks she deserves these. LOL!!!! NOT!
Sometimes I just don't know which one to wear?


French Paws said...

Lol...oh noooo you tooo, what a crack up Iva. Good to chat with you love. Sounds like you are up and creating small crimes everywhere lol. So glad you visited me at my blog...I'm following you girl. Thanks for your prayers God has been so faithful to me dear and I just can't complain...I have my good days and my sometimes no so good days but all in all I always wear my crown. Hey...just an idea let's start a crown exchange, I have the perfect one for you that I'm going to send you he, he, he.
Don't forget to paws, pray and laugh! Love Monica


Great Photo! I would love a crown.

I stumbled across your blog--by clicking on my profile under my job--"contract specialist"..LOL. I've never knew you could do that!
Anyway without sounding creepy--I wanted to say that I too travel on that train--haha-but don't use my time wisely like you--I just nap!!
Anyway stop by my blog and visit if you get a chance.


Hi Iva

Well I get on the train at Brooke Point, get off at L'Enfant Plaza to catch the Metro to Navy Yard. I work at USDOT. I know exactly where your building is. I stare it everytime I'm at the platform!!!
I usually catch the 0618 train, but I'm thinking of taking a later one, cause I'm tired of getting up so early, of course the later I would go in makes it that mauch later I get home, not so sure I'm willing to do that!!! hehe

Oh yes, a crown swap would be nice--I'm willing when you are ready!

Do you go to Scrapdoodles in Freds? How about our new Hobby Lobby? I'm so excited for it. Do you still scrap? I don't do it as often as I'd like--of course never enough time!!

I have a 17 year old daughter who scraps with me too and loves all the crafts --she is my partner in crime.

Keep in touch- you can email if you'd like--I'd love to hear more too


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