Saturday, December 04, 2010

I Love The Holidays!

Oh how I love the holidays. But on the other hand they make me sad because I am alone at home. Sometimes it is an effort to put up decorations alone. I miss having the family atmosphere I had years ago. But then I remember what this holiday is about. It is about our Lord Jesus and his birth. I believe in the beautiful Christmas story and the miracles around the wondrous story.....God's grace is so giving and each year I pray we all can love him as much as he loves us. Through all our hustle and bustle I hope each and everyone takes the time to look at your family and friends and be so grateful they are in your life and realize that God put them their for you. Hug them and tell them how much you care. This is my special Christmas wish this year for each and everyone. Merry Christmas through out the month and may all year bring us all joy!