Thursday, February 10, 2011's so hard to come by or trust

Have you even loved someone so much and you pray they one day they will realize it and the years pass and then it hits you one are living in a dream world and it just isn't' in the cards. Well....that is me.....and it's time to move on....I feel just a bit empty now and wondering why I would have done this to myself...I have gone out with others but wanted him....but it never happened so I am moving on....

I can't figure men out and I am sure they say the same about us. There is a few good men out there....well let me say there are a great many out there....but they seem to be taken...I seem to find the ones with no teeth, dirty or just well...let's just say their little head is always parked somewhere...

Heartache is hard to deal with....I have so much love to give, so many talents to offer and above all loyalty. I guess I feel that when God feels I am ready a good one will enter my life....but I have been waiting for 18 years since my divorce...sigh....I walk on....alone for now...but in my dreams I see another holding my hand.

11 comments: said...

one day you will have a great man, to hold your hand! everyone gets a second chance on LOVE

Joyce Pitrone Hawkins--Wrinkles Don't Hurt said...

I know 18 years must be a long time. I've only been out of my long-term (36 years) marriage for 4years, but, you are a great person and have done a you really NEED a man in your life?

I will be reading back through your blog. Take care and I wish you the best.

sunshine17 said...

Great post! :)

Mr. Answers said...

We must become the kind of person that we want to attract first ...

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joy reyes said...

It will automatically come ,
you don't need to search for it.
God will give it in the right time.

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buy and sell said...

time will come for you to have that special someone
who you will love forever!
just wait and pray ,
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TheRuby Writer said...

I can't believe how true this is, very nicely put :)

Junaid Walayat said...

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Grace O' Farrell said...

I can relate to this but the only thing is I can find myself falling in love with a guy easy. Its just that I find my heart breaks a lot faster and much more painful. So I wish you that love you hope for and I hope that heart break doesn't fallow for you again.

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