Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's Cold!!!!

I know that most people might not understand that when I say it is cold here in good ol' Virginia but it is cold for us Southerners! It has been in the teens for over a week and we did have a dry snow on Tuesday night. For those who suffer with "arther" it is tough. We were spoiled with warm weather for too long this winter. I just wish I had knit faster on my socks, scarves and mittens. They are all in the almost done phase!

I am so excited about a swap that I have participated in. Acutally myself and a very lovely lady from Canada (Katie B) have decided to swap. I am sending her package on Sat. and I received a notice that my package has arrived from her and is at the post office. I am picking it up on Sat. I can't wait. We both missed the sign up day by 24 we have created our own. I also made it in to Secret Pal 10 and I am very excited about that also. I just love creating things and going to the shops for secret presents and looking for the unusual. It's like being Santa longer than just Christmas time.

I was hoping to have some pictures taken and posted but I just haven't had the time. I am back in school and the reading alone keeps me away from what I love to do....but there will be an end to the student days soon....just haven't figured out exactly when.

But I do slip in some knitting at night and on the train to work if I don't have too much homework to concentrate on! I have a 3 day weekend coming up....yeah....knitting and sewing! I will live for tomorrow! That's when my 3 day weekend starts and I have my happy plans.

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