Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It's Monday but it's really Tuesday!

These long weekends are killing me. They break my routine and I don't accomplish what I should. Bottom line I goof off because I think I have extra time. I thought I would post my pictures of my wonder swap partners gifts, but I still didn't.

Work was hard to go back to today and I really wanted to just crawl right back into bed. Better day tomorrow I hope!

The cold has subsided and we have warmer weather. Got up to 40 some degrees today. Yeah! Maybe it has melted all of the ice we had on Valentines day. Working in a building that dates back to the turn of the century and was once a warehouse, windows are not the easily accessible....so I don't know what it is like outside but in 10 minutes I will find out! I am headed home on the train!

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