Monday, March 19, 2007

My Weekend Wasn't Long Enough

But I did get some things done.....

Friday night I met with friends and we tried a Tai eatery in the large shopping area in the area. Food was excellent, but service was slow. They were busy with several large parties...ours included. It started sleeting and snowing and when we left....roads were okay but side areas a little slippery. By the next morning it was non existent but it put me in the mood not to leave the house or do a thing. I watched TV and movies all day long and I didn't really feel like knitting or sewing. I think I was just so tired from a rough work week that I needed the day to mentally wind down.
Sunday I visited my mom and my daughter and grandson came down from Maryland. We had a really nice time. Mom loves to fuss over all of us. For 81 she is a spry little lady! She gets more done than I ever thought about.

I didn't let Sat. go completely down the drain. I spent "thought" time as to my SP 10 swap partner. I have come great ideas and this weekend I am planning on shopping to start her surprise packages!!! I got my daughter involved in this and she has really made her partner some neat items already......
This weekend she and I are going exploring at some new shops we heard about (yes yarn shops) and well....let the creativity begin!

I hope to post pictures sometime this week....I have taken pictures of some of my projects and just haven't taken the time to post..NO EXCUSE!

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