Saturday, August 18, 2007

I was tagged twice in May~

I have been tagged twice by the same tag...two different people...but I am going to be a really good sport and list 14 things about myself! LOL I am trying to catch up on so many things and I can't really understand how the months of June, July and almost August have disappeared! Swap partners...I hope this will help you know who I am!

1. I travel 100 miles round trip to work which is in Washington, DC capital of the United States.
I love my job and find it stressing and rewarding at the same time. The commute I try to enjoy the best I can and to use the time wisely....I either sleep, knit or read.

2. I love kitties but have decided that I no longer want the responsibility of a cat after mine died several years ago. I am gone too much and can't devote the time to a little furry friend.

3. I love pampering myself! I go one a month for a massage, manicure and pedicure. I love red polish and this is what I pick for my toes! Recently though I have changed to pink...I love OPI polish and I am using Susie sells Sushi down by the seashore....try saying that fast five times!

4. I love history and love to learn the unusual tidbits of history that usually is never told.

5. I to go to little boutiques and small shops where people are friendly and fun to talk with.

6. My previous job I ordered guns and ammo for all law enforcement officers in the Federal agency I work for. This always is a surprise to my friends.

7. My favorite holiday is Christmas....I love the spirit and true meaning of Christmas and family time. I also love to give gifts. I love to listen all year to my family and friends and then get them things they have talked about or have meaning for them. Now for the selfish part....4 days after Christmas is my birthday and I enjoy getting together with friends and celebrate.

8. I am very shy, but work very hard at not giving anyone that impression of me.

9. If I could, I would never wear shoes in my life again. I would rather just wear socks or go barefooted.

10. I love to eat breakfast more than any other meal. I could eat it anytime during the day and be happy.

11. I love to come home at night from work and snuggle in my favorite chair and unwind. Perfect would be to have a Mr. Right in my life to do this with but I know the good Lord will take care of this in time....or not.

12. I love fresh flowers and would have them in my house everyday if I could afford them. (I am not so good at growing them.)

13. I love teddy bears. I use to collect them, but not much anymore. I still love the antique looking bears and items that are related.

14. Last but not least, I am a quilter plus I love to knit. I think I could quilt and knit the rest of my life and be content. I right now, collect as much fabric as I do yarn. I love to touch it and oh my I know you all do it too.....smell the yarn! I just wish I could make a living at both and not work my regular job.....but until I retire ...well I just won't torture myself.

Hope you have enjoyed my little extra info about me.


Miss Me said...

thanks! i found out some interesting things about you. if i figure out how to make a living out of the whole knitting thing, i'll let you in on the secret, okay?
and OPI - love it! my toes are malaga wine right now... yummy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the fun info! I have already been shopping for you, and I think you are going to adore the first surprise! :)

your secret pal, ME