Monday, August 13, 2007

Whoops...I can't believe I have been a slacker again!

I can't believe I let time slip by once again....I need to really update my blog! I just returned from Florida after a week with friends and I am so rested. I came back to the rat race and I already feel like I need another vacation. I can't believe how DC can make me such a frustrated person...well really it is my office for me right now....but I came back to find out I no longer have the supervisor I had and ...well...yippeeeeee!!!!!

Okay now that I found this out....I can really have a good attitude adjustment! I promise I will post this week things and pictures and stories and such..... I am alive, kicking and ready for new adventures.

I have signed up for SP11 and I need to post my info until later this week....hope all is well with everyone and I will join in soon with the needle clicking and new projects will abound!

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Miss Me said...

first day back at work for me, too. and i've reached the same conclusion - I NEED A VACATION! well, maybe just a longer vacation. look forward to seeing some projects! : )