Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am still sick...but better!

I broke down and went to the doctor today. I coughed all yesterday and lost my voice. I knew I wasn't going to shake this until I got some meds. to help it. Well one dose of my medicine and a 3 hour nap....I feel so much better!

I am in Ravelry! I love it .....I just need about a day to search and search! Thank you to my best ever Secret Pal for my invite!

Well..I think we finally have our fall. It turned cold last night and was rather chilly today. With all this hot weather we have been having and no rain, the pollen count has been thru the roof, thus my allergy problem.

I have just about 15 more rows to finish on my Monkey Socks for my secret pal and out they will go. I got behind when I got sick. I have some other projects to send out. I have gotten the packages ready and I will head to the post office on Sat. morning.

I will be going to FL again in Nov to visit my friends. We had such a good time when I was down in Aug that we decided life was too short not to get together here I go! Think I can knit them each a pair of socks by then.....I plan to...Monkeys at that because I believe I can do them in my sleep now! And they are an easy knit on the train! Oh goodness knows I have enough of stash yarn! I got them each a handmade tote bag and I thought socks inside would be fun!

Well, time for bed .....more later.

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