Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh...too much times escapes me!

I have planned for weeks to get pictures taken and more blogging done....where does the time go? For me right now it is commuting to work and working late and getting home in time to eat dinner and go to bed and then start all over the next day. (Okay too many ands" in that sentence!)

My knees are so bad right now. Weeks ago I fell on the "good" one and now the only way I can describe how I walk is "I walk like a penguin"!!!!! I have an appointment for an MRI for both knees and then I go to the orthopedist...believe it or not I can't wait. I am in pain sometimes and I am too young to be having all these knee problems. I lost 20lbs so far and go figure...the knees are worse!

Anyway...I am doing more knitting....trying to get all my swaps out.....maybe I will get some pictures taken and posted....I can only hope!

Happy knitting everyone!

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