Wednesday, January 07, 2009 is only Wed.

I just read my post for a happy new year and boy did I sound gloomy! I didn't mean to. I guess like everyone of us who try and be super human and do all "fun" things and extra special treats....we just burn out and even though we try to put on the happy face, our gloomy extremely tired side comes out. But another year is done and now we face a new year, a new president and new changes.

BTW....working in DC, I am more than grateful that I have off the day before and the day of is going to be a mad house. They are closing all streets and some metro stops and blocking so much! I have lived in the area all of my life and believe me when I say....I have never and I never intend to come downtown to see the parade! would have to be nuts. The TV will have a better view than you can get being in the thick of things. My mom tells the story when she and my dad came into DC for Truman's Inauguration and they got only a little down the street and were so in the crush of people that my mom said they agreed never again......She said all you could see was tops of peoples heads. Remember that was in the 40's and the only mode of transportation was car, bus, or trolley. And you were lucky to get on and into the city. But the way mom talks about it got around better than we do on the Metro...I guess not as many people as today....and guess what....homeless on the street corners ...sleeping on the grates....just like now....not much has changed.

Okay...not going down the sad road far, I have completed some of my swap items and they are in the mail. My contest winner prizes are going out this weekend...and my post cards that I so owe people for are going out this weekend too. I am accomplishing things. I also am working on projects started and not new ones.....let 's see how long I can keep that up....but my plan is to keep it up! Keep your fingers crossed for me....
Almost time to leave work and I am headed to the grocery store and then home to knit on a past project....lace shawl that is driving me nuts, but it's because I didn't write down where I stopped so I am trying to figure it out...I will....I know I will! Tootles.!


Kitten With a Whiplash said...

My mom loves to talk about the transit in Chicago in the 40s and 50s. I get the impression that there was a bus stop at every corner and the Elevated woud let you off at whatever floor your apartment was on.

scappyhappy said...

Wow..that sounds really neat!