Friday, January 16, 2009

Inauguration Is Here!

Well...January 20th is just 4 days away.....and we will have a new President. For those of you who have not kept up with my blog, I work in Washington DC about 2 blocks from the Mall (where the re brick Smithsonian is - the original one). For weeks we have been alerted to all the closures of streets and from the press release we received yesterday, I am not sure how the President elect will be able to navigate the streets....just kidding....we know that is all taken care of. So many of my co-workers and others are planning on coming to this history making day....they plan to brave the cold and stand with the tremendous crowds. But I have to agree with what Whoopie Goldberg said last night on TV when she was asked was she going to the Inauguration....and I quote "Nooooo....! That's what they made TVs for baby!" I applaud those who have parked their common sense and brains, but they would see more on TV than they will in town....and be a heck of a lot warmer. I lived in the DC area all of my life and have never and I repeat never come downtown for an Inauguration....just watched on TV.
So for most of you I am sure you will, like me, have your knitting and/or sewing in your lap with the warmness of your home and family and/or friends surrounding the glorious invention that keeps us informed and will see more than the brave souls that will fight the crowds, endure the weather and continuously whipe the snot from their noses as they try and get a glimps of the Presidential car and the new first family.

But I will be relaxed in my recliner and drinking my hot coffee in the comfort of my home and witness this Ignauguration like all the others in front of my own TV and I might record it at that. Hey what can I say...some of us have more common sense than others, but who am I to say they are not wise....but just cold...and worn out...LOL

To another new year and more change than I think some of us want.....but we are Americans and we should be very proud of our freedom of choice and be proud of the great nation we live in.....not just now but for evermore.


Miss Me said...

i think blogger just ate my comment! bad blogger!!! i'm with you - even if i could be there, i'd rather watch from somewhere warm.

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

You've got the right idea, comfort beats crowds, cozy beats cold, and you'll have a better view at home than huddled with the masses.