Monday, May 28, 2007

I am Calm Now...Men are really okay...

Thanks to all who were so kind. I emotionally wrote my blog the other day....not good. I will not give up on this one. We started out as good friends and this can not change. Good friends are hard to find. But I truly believe this one will eventually be more than that....It's in Gods hand and if he feels it is right it will work out.

At least I wasn't non productive from my emotions...I cleared and cleaned a lot of my past life clutter. There were so many closets and stuff in my house from my ex husband that I needed to clean out. And I have! Amazing how much you can throw away when you are on a mission. Thank goodness for being a older wise can snap right back into your thought pattern of " I am women, hear me roar....I am independent and I can go and do what I want..!!!!" Now let me tell you all a little sweetie is 10 years younger than me...maybe I was more women than he anticipated...but continuing to being good friends is very important to me....I can handle this and I will.....I am too much of a good person which he readily admits to....he is really a good one....can you imagine a man with a good moral who values friendship even though he wants more.....we work more closely than I let on in my earlier post. We work in the same office, same department, and same team.....But we came over from the other component to headquarters the same day and we worked at the other area for 2 do you spell destiny......I am not giving up.

I took a class on Sat. to improve my intarsia technique a little better. Great class...only two of us in there so we really got a lot of hands on help. I will post pictures later....I have to do homework now. My summer class for my degree is "Financial and Managerial Accounting" load can we all say YUCK! Only 6 more weeks to go....and I will be one more class ahead.

This driven women is going to call a friend for dinner and relax her tired self.

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