Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A little Irritation Please!

Well...yesterday was an all time aggrivating day. I dropped my car off at the dealers (first big mistake there) to have the oil changed, tires rotated and State Inspection. Now mind you my car is only 3 years old. No problems noted and none that I could see, feel or hear. Well....they called me to let me know that my breaks needed to be replaced. I only had 48 thousand miles on it. When I arrived my bill was almost 2 car payments. I hit the roof. I managed to get them to remove some charges that they couldn't seem to explain, but now you know where my tax refund it going. I was planning on buying some new yarn....maybe take a little extended weekend trip or what ever.....but no this has to go for something that I know I was totally ripped off. I know this is because I am a women and they saw me coming.....well....no more....I told them I would not ever return nor would I recommend them. I hope I gave them a bad evening....I wasn't ugly...just firm.

And my other rant.....I have been separated and divorced for 14 years. I have put my nose to the grindstone and put my daughter through school, myself through (I am actually going now and almost finished) gotten a very good job and taken care of myself very well. I have no issues or at least very few...fun to be with, a good cook, a hard worker, pretty decent to look at ....so what's the problem.....MEN...what the heck do they want. I have not dated much and at my age it's hard to find them alive and kicking (LOL). I subscribed to EHarmony and I have had a lot of matches, but the men don't communicate.....they close me before we can even get to know each other......usually its the checked box..."I don't believe there is any chemistry"....How the heck can they tell?????? By a few questions?????? To have chemistry folks you have to get to know someone....my big issue with myself is my weight and I belive MEN are looking for one thing....a roll in the hay and they can profess being a Christian all they want but I know they have one thing on their mind and if a women doesn't look like Barbie or act like they haven't a brain in their head....well some of us are just left out. I know that a lot of you have wonderful husbands, but you are lucky.....some of us are not. I would give anything to have a wonderful partner in my life to share things with......but I guess right now it is not on the horizon for me....in the meantime I will wish, hope and pray that God will give me a good man before I get so old I won't know what to do with him! LOL....Rant over.

Will post more tonight when I get home.....have to tell all about my knitting class with Melissa Leapman....fun, fun , fun......

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KaKi said...


I am so sorry about the car ordeal. I am in the middle of one right now. I have a husband, but I'll be damned if I am going to resort to using him to get what I deserve!! I called the manager and have gotten some results! But I am with you! I will NEVER use them again!!!

I hope you do find someone out there. You seem like a fantastic woman, a man would be lucky to find you!! I will send you positive vibes!!!