Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wow! Two packages this Week!

I received two packages this week from the two swaps I am in....Knitters Treat Swap and Secret Pal 10....and oh how they spoiled me! I received from my Secret Pal 10 a skein of STEP sock yarn( I love this yarn and I love the color!), some knitters ointment for my hands,(and I really need this!) a package of wool wash and knitters pins (can have enough of these). See the pictures below. Thank you SP10! Can't wait to for you to revel yourself!

Secret Pal 10

And my next wonderful package is from my Knitters Treat Pal! Thank you Kati! You were super with this. I received green tea (yum), a cable holder, the cutest stitch holders that look like mini donuts which are better on stitch holders than on my hips!, a handmade card, the prettiest shawl holder which was attached to my (Yippees) Jitterbug yarn! Yummy, yummy!

Knitters Treat Pal

Thank you so much to both of my secret pals! Yummy...yummy..yummy......

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KaKi said...

Iva, I am so glad you are happy with your treats. I thought the stitch markers were the best way to send you a danish through the mail!! hehehe!!! You were fun to spoil!! Hope you have a great week!!