Monday, April 23, 2007

It's A Great Monday!

After having to work yesterday, I really had a hard time waking up. I thought...yuck...Monday! turned out to be just fine so far! I heard from one of my swap partners, Miss Me, a gentleman I am corresponding with and knitters coffee swap with my new swap partner. I am going to shop, shop and shop this weekend to get packages in the mail. I am trying hard to finish some things I started yesterday at work, but I just can't seem to concentrate. Must be the makes me want to lay out in it and soak up as much as possible. I hope the day gets better and better. I am having dinner with my mom this evening before I head home. I was working on my Monkey socks and I made a I have to frog about 8 rows...oh well....I will have them done soon so I can post them.

Oh....almost forgot....Sat is my big knitting weekend with my daughter. We are taking Melissa Leapmans' class "knitting On the Edge"......yes I know this is a book by another author, but this is what her class is called....anyway.....daughter and I are so excited. I ordered two books for us to have her sign. Hopefully I can take pictures and post....

Knitters ....keep those needles clicking!

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