Sunday, April 22, 2007


The sun is shinning so brightly and it makes me so happy! I think our warmer weather is finally here. I realized a long time ago, I need sunlight to function. Unfortunately I work in a building that has no windows in my office area. Sometimes it is hard to it is so nice to have sunlight when I go home from work, now that we are on daylight savings time.

This is a complete change of subject, but I don't know how many have read much about the tragedy at Virginia Tech. My heart goes out to those students who died and those who had to endure those hours of uncertainty. I can honestly say I had an inkling how they felt. I was in Washington DC when 911 happened. The fear and worry you felt and the unknowing was a terrible feeling to have. Even now, when I hear of something unusual, you just wonder if it is happening all over. I, as I am sure, those students and their families have placed their trust in God and hope that with time all heals. Please keep Virginia Tech in your prayers.

I have to head to work it will help not stay late next I will sacrifice.
I will stay with my mom who lives closer to my work. She and I will enjoy the evening and of course I have to take some knitting! I like to visit my mom and relax. She will treat me just like she did when I was younger. She will fix me breakfast and pack my lunch for work. I have the best mom!

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Anonymous said...

Oooo! Can I come and stay with your mom? I could use someone to look after me for a change!! Hehehehehe! This week is looking up for you! You should be receiving some things that will help you pamper yourself! I am loving this sun as well. Hopefully it will continue!
Your knitters treat spoiler!!