Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pitty Party Yesterday

I fell for the pitty monster yesterday. Tried so hard not to but it grabbed for me and caught me. I am totally swamped at work. Way too much to do and so little time. Needless to say my job falls into the political arena at times and this is extremely stressful. But I was able to see my daughter for a little while last night..we met for dinner and then she was off to her job where she has to stay overnight. It was on the way from my house so it was great being with her. I gave her a very early birthday present which she was so excited. I won on Ebay a swift and yarn winder and she was ecstatic. She had been using mine when she came down, which was fine, but as we all so much better to have your own when the mood strikes.

Unfortunately I have to work this weekend, but I am going to stay with my mom so the commute is not so long and she is so good to me. She will treat me just like I was home again buy fixing me dinner and breakfast. She is so special. I just love being at her house. She treats all that arrive on her doorstep like they lived there. She works way too hard but she is the best mom ever! She is almost 82 and you wouldn't know it! She works rings around me. She still cuts her grass and keeps up with the house like she did when we were little. I just hope I have the energy she has when I reach her age!

Okay now I have put myself in a better mood. I will have to just plan and work through all this work at my job and complete my home duties and school stuff....oh my! Knitting on the train this evening will most definitely put me in a much grander mood!

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Anonymous said...

I hope things have looked up for you! BTW you and your daughter got me quite mixed up there for a bit. For some reason, I saved her blog under your blog name!!! So fogive the email!!! I was right all along!!! Just temporary insanity!!!!
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