Monday, September 17, 2007

It's Almost October!

Never thought I would wish my life away for a period of time. But the month of September has become such a miserable month! My chosen profession is what makes it is so busy because of the end of the fiscal year for the Federal Government...but I shouldn't least I have a job. On to better things in this post!

My daughter's birthday is this coming Sunday...I have some nice things for her but she reads my blog, so I will have to wait to talk about them!

I have almost finished my Monkey Swap partners socks. I posted them on the Monkey Swap sight...I don't know why I forgot to post them on my sight. I will later. I am at work and can't access my files. I do have some very cute items for my monkey pal...who would believe I could find to many cute things. I have had so much fun getting things for her.

My Secret Pal 11...I have been gather things for she is a little tougher to buy for and I must say I have had to put my thinking cap on for her. She is vegan and of course does not eat meat this extends in to edible treats and yarn. I did find some very yummy cotton yarn that looks very sophisticated...I hope she will like my choice. I think I might make some other things for her and try to find really unusual items for her. I must say, participating in these swaps has me searching the inter net and little shops around has become such an adventure!

Well lunch time is over and I need to get back to work......I will try tonight or at least sometime this week to post some pictures.....I keep promising and I keep forgetting......getting older has it's advantages and then it doesn't

Side note...I still have to get out my felted bag for my swap partner....I have disappointed her immensely and I feel really bad. I have it almost finished.....I can't take my sewing machine on the train and this project fell by the way side.....I promise Mindy if you read this I am going to get it to you very soon....if you are upset with have every right to be....but my life has been so hectic.

Take care to all and keep those needles clicking.

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