Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's Sunday Morning and I am at work.....Boo!

It is Sunday morning and guess where I am? At work! It is that time of the year when I earn my overtime or comp time. Government end of the fiscal year consumes those of us in the procurement field. But this too will pass with the coming of Sept. 30th! And then it is on to other issues. LOL

I have finished one of the monkey socks for my swap partner. I have the other to finish hopefully this weeks. I have knit about 95 % on the train going and coming for work. So this little pair of socks has traveled before they are sent! I have truely enjoyed knitting them and plan to knit some others from the pattern. It is a fun and quick pattern to do.

I have been gathering all types of goodies for my swap partner for SP11 and my monkey sock swap partner. I have a mitten swap I am doing also but we haven't been assigned our partners yet.

I need to get busy and post pictures. I don't know why this is always the last on my list...Maybe sometime this week....

Until then...keep those needles clicking and have a great week!


Monkey Swap Partner said...

Hi - How are you doing with your own Monkey Socks? I'd love to see the beginnings of your sock or hear the story of how you are progressing. Thanks - and hang in there it will be October before you know it.

Monkey Swap Partner said...

Well the MS package now has everything in it. I saw your posting on the main page of the wap - Tofutsie Monkey socks - they are beautiful. The person receiving them will be so pleased.

It won't be long now. I promise to let you know when they are mailed out so you can be looked for them. I want to reread your blog and make sure I've met all the basic requirements.

scappyhappy said...

Hi Monkey Swap Pal...I can't wait until you reveal yourself. I am so excited to get a handknit pair of socks! I just love it when someone makes something for me. I appreciate the hard work and care that is extended in the gift! I have found some really cute things for my monkey pal...who knew there would be so many neat monkey things out on the market. I have to admit, I have gone overboard...but it has been fun!