Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yeah...My Monkey Sock Swap 3 Package Arrived

I had to work yesterday.....we awarded the last of 2007 Contracts and I wearily came home and to my surprise....Look what I found under my carport! My Monkey Sock Swap 3 Package from my Secret Pal! Wow....and look what I found inside of the package!

See the sweet little moneky and my wonderful socks! Not only did I receive these I got a monkey bookmark, a book cover, some calming tea, some candy and lipgloss. There also was the cutest monkey card, some monkey tissues, little monkey buttonand the yummiest pink yarn for new socks. My pal did such a wonderful job! And my package came all the way from Hawaii! This couldn't have arrived at a better time...I was so tired and weary from work and to come home to a very thoughtful and caring package with so many goodies....well...I could just feel the love that come out from the package. The socks are more beautiful than poor picture taking skills show. They fit so nicely and I cant' wait to wear them.....they are so cozy! Thank you Monkey Swap Secret Pal! Thank you bunches! P.S. Please send me your blog!

Now I just need to finish my pal's socks and get them in the mail next week. I have all her monkey items and then I will get them in the mail.


Betty said...

I am so glad your package arrived safely. My blog is My email is Yes I did try to package up love into the swap goodies. I am still disappointed that I have never heard from my Sockapalooza 4 pal who lives in New York City. I haven't seen a swap angel come into play yet either. I did not want you to suffer any disappointment. Please send me an email when you finish the socks with the yarn you received. I will be looking at your blog from time to time to make sure you are well and still having fun knitting. I just entered sock yarn into Ravelry. It is really eye opening when you are able to see in one place what a sock stash looks like (it actually works against ever buying any more yarn ever because you know you have enough to fill a lifetime). I wish the best for you and your daughter in the coming year. B

Courtney said...

those are really pretty :-)

Anonymous said...

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