Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am happy because I am close to getting caught up!

I am feeling a little less pressure on myself right now. I have gotten out the swaps I was a little late on and even got one out early! I am now trying to get my pictures taken so I can post the wonderful items I have received from my swaps pals.

I have to say I had a wonderful weekend with my daughter and her family. I took my grandson out for school shopping, and then my daughter and I hit 2 yarn shops and 1 quilting shop. I was good, but I did add some to my stash. I mostly bought things for my swap partners on the next list of swaps and I just truely enjoyed myself. Very healing! Good positive experiences.

Now this weekend it is going to be....organize and put things away. I am planning to put away so many clutter items....not get rid of them because they mean a lot to me....but just put them away to rest! I have to get a handle on all my stuff!

My heathier eating habits are not so good lately....so tonight it is to the grocery store and I am packaging my snacks and things up so I can grab and go in the morning! The whole key to my life right now is planning. Writing things down and checking the list off....I didn't even pay anyone to tell me that! Can you imagine.....I just thought of it myself....I guess I finally hit my rock bottom of the barrel and now I am climbing back up.

Well....back to work and work on my new organizational mindset for work too! I will keep all posted...but still say little prayers for me! I will need all the help I can get!

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