Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I am so bummed!

Here it is the first of August and I am so far behind I can't see where I am going. We are super swamped at work and trust is going to get worse. It's the Fed. Gov't end of the fiscal year here in the US! I am so far behind in my blogging...okay I had a great vacation with my grandson! He, at 10 loves Elvis, so as a very early BD present, Grandma took him to Graceland and we also did other things in Memphis. What fun...we had such a good time and it will be a time I will always remember and I think he will too!

I have received so many wonderful swap packages and I have sent some....still owe others. But each night I try to complete something. I do have my three day weekend coming up and I am going to relish it. I have plans to get all my swap packages out and spend time at the sewing machine and in my comfy chair to knit. I really need some mental down time. The hot weather has drained me and I found out that yes I will need a knee replacement for my right knee once I make the decision. I have terrible arthitis in my kneess, thumbs, heels, and I am sure other places I haven't had an ache yet in....but I am determined to get through this. My first step is back on my healthy eating and loose more weight!

I am going to work real hard and post more and get some of my pictures from my wonderful swaps posted....sharing is so much fun but lately I haven't had the energy once I get home from work......okay....I need words of encouragement ladies....give me some organizational tips and health tips that I can use! A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!


Wendy said...

All I can say is that I'm back on the WeightWatchers train. Wanna ride?

Miss Me said...

i'm no good at organization either. however, i try to tackle things one task at a time because otherwise i get so completely and totally overwhelmed.
good luck and i'm looking forward to some photos...