Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Pics Yet!

Okay...now is when I need to really get down to business and organize my life. I have taken pictures and now I can't find my cord to hook up my computer and camera. When my friends were in town and my mom being there soon after......someone put my cord away and now I can't find it. I haven't hunted in all the possible places but I have looked where I thought it might be. I am so frustrated. When I get home at night I have just enough energy to eat and get ready for the next day. I really need to get myself organized and place the things I use everyday somewhere easily accessed. Okay I did have them that way but either my mother or my friends didn't seem to think laying on table was a good way to find it.....my life isn't my own sometimes. Oh well......once I find it I will be able to share pictures.

Oh BTW....did I talk about the fact that I have a huge grey moon boot on my left foot and leg. My achilles tendon decided to flare up and hurt me so badly that I was getting to were I couldn't walk. My doctor was afraid it would rupture....soooooo for the next 4 weeks I get to wear this gosh awful, gee this isn't sexy boot.......I have had it on now for two and it will be a total of 6 weeks I have to wear this yucky thing.....ugh.............

Keep good thoughts that I find that darn cord so I can post pictures!


Miss Me said...

i came up with a solution to this problem. i leave the cord for MY camera plugged into a usb port at the back of my computer and just coil up the cord on top of the tower when not in use. does it bug mr. me? you betcha! but not enough that he's going crawl under the desk to unplug it and "put it away".

scappyhappy said...

You know I did that...except I have a laptop....I just don't remeber unplugging it...but who knows. I thought I remembered it on the table....but I will just have to keep hunting...and I think it will be tonight cause now I am on the quest! LOL