Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whew....the weekend is almost here!

I know it sounds like I wish my life away. I don't really. My knee and foot problems are just wearing me down. The doctor finally issued me my form for a temporary handicap sticker until March. I am going on Friday to pick it up from the DMV. I have to walk so far in the morning when I catch the train I am exhausted before I get to work. The afternoon does the same thing to me when I have to walk to my car. I am so beat by the time I get home I can't get a thing done. Okay enough about me hurts and pains.

I have been knitting a pair of mittens for a swap I am in. I have chosen a really neat pattern. It's new for me. I am trying to improve my skills with patterned (intarsia) knitting. I am doing pretty good. Need to work on the flow of the carried threads though.

I have also gotten into fabric postcards and I am really enjoying this. I finally set up my machine in the cabinet I purchased over a year ago. I just need to clean out the room to organize my equipment.

Well....this weekend I am going to pamper myself and enjoy the long weekend....I am off on Friday and I need it so badly.


Cycling Knitter said...

sorry to hear you are not so good,
look after yourself and enjoy the weekend..


Miss Me said...

i'll be thinking of you tomorrow when i'm off, too. i'm back with the kids at the school. give me strength! (plan b tomorrow - spool knitting.)

scappyhappy said...

Big kudos to you Katie! I will be doing very selfish manicure, pedicure and knitting alone....LOL...I will say a little prayer for you to have all enthusiastic kids!