Thursday, April 02, 2009


I think I am wishing my life away. This week has been rather draining and since it is my short week and a three day weekend for me I am relishing in the fact that in 5 hours I will be headed out the door of work! I think having school two nights a week for me is so mentally and physically draining. I have to drive so far once I get back to the train station. But the end is soon in sight. I feel like my journey has been well worth it and I feel a great accomplishment within my heart. One more accomplishment checked! Yeah!

I want so desperately to knit and sew all of the time! It will come soon one day. I have packages that I promised my swap partners would be out last week and alas...I have been neglectful...or rather just beat. The weather here in VA has flip-flopped so much that I ache from my head down to my toes. "Arthur" settled in and "Sore" came to keep him company....LOL

I am looking forward to my "productive" weekend and hopefully I will be productive...LOL....any encouraging words out there for me? I see pictures being posted in my future! =o)

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