Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Finally this Election is over. I am tired of hearing about it!

I have very mixed feelings about the outcome of our election. many times have we heard that. I believe the next four years will be the hardest we Americans will ever see. I believe we will be attacked further with terrorist actions, and I believe we will see Christians attacked from all sides and they are now. We are still a great nation but we have forgotten one fundamental part of our heritage. Our country was founded on Christianity and we have pulled so far left with that notion that the liberal side of our nation has everyone believing this is an old thought. Christians need to pray and pray everyday for our country and hope that this will not be the complete downfall of Christian beliefs and values. Our salvation is through our Lord Jesus Christ and whoever believes in him will have every lasting life. Our new leader unfortunately does not have this belief and I worry he will lead this country into a false sense of safety which our enemies will attack. This has nothing to do with has everything to do with faith! My heart is heavy and I worry. I saw such a false sense of jubilation this morning and one racked with lack of understanding and sensibility. I have made my statement and I will not further discuss this. I will each night pray and pray for our nation. I will seek God's love and pray he wraps us in healing and loving protection from all of our enemies. I hope all of you who read my blog read and understand how I feel respect my feelings on this subject and I would respect yours. May God Bless this day and those who come before him.

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Miss Me said...

i think that the next 4 years will be hard for the world as a whole. as goes america, so goes the world.