Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good Attitude and Turning my Troubles Over

The last number of my posts have brought out in me a firm purpose and what I believe in. I have resolved myself to the fact that I can not solve my own problems but that I need to daily lay them at the feet of my maker. I worry...I fret over so much trying to find answers when answers are not there. I so often forget that when you can't handle the problems in life and feel so lost in your worries.....turn those problems over to God and he will give you the answers you need....not always what you want but what he has decided for you. So.....I have done this and have prayed for those who have hurt me or made my life miserable. Things seem a little less stressful for me and I have an inner peace that is hard to describe...maybe some of you can identify with me.

Today has been a very good morning so far. I was given a wonderful leather notebook and an on the spot award for the hard work I did for the office. This came from the Chief of Staff....not my supervisor. (Yes and I have prayed for her!) She can not praise of let others take credit for anything ......she needs all of the praise and feels she is justified in this. It will haunt her one day....I see the results of it now......I no longer argue with her and let her have her way....she is slowly finding out that she is ....well ....not praised as she would like......not my problem.

Enough of that. I am still hunting for my camera cord. I need to post pictures....sigh.....

I did get to take off my boot on my left foot and I feel so funny without it. I am healing slowly and I will listen to the doctor and follow her stick orders.

Well...enough of my ramblings and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoys our winter coolness!

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