Monday, November 17, 2008

I found it ...I found it! Or rather Mom did!

Well, when you clean up your area you knit, read, do handwork, and read the newspapers and mail you might just find things you have been looking for! I found my cable to my camera! Or rather my relentless mom did. She was down all weekend and she helped me get things in order. She was determined we were going to find that cable. She found it in my knitting basket that was pushed under my end table. Now you have to understand....this is the same place I sit every night to watch TV, put on my shoes in the morning heading to work, where I read, knit and do handiwork. You would think I would have remembered the cable was placed there....but Nooooooooo! LOL...But it is now found and I can post pictures.

I am so far behind on my swaps. I mean well but I seem to always fall behind and thus many impatient swap partners are frustrated with me. So my resolution to all of this...only one handmade swap a quarter. I can't work fast enough and I get so down when people get impatient with me. I am just getting older and my pace isn't what it was when I was in my 20's, 30's or even 40's. My health issues get my down too.....but I don't want to whine. I do give quality items. I spend more time on my projects that I guess I should.....but my philosophy is to make sure I do quality work and not rush any project. My most recent one the lady even said her work was poor but she got it out. Yes, to my dismay it isn't quality and I play to remake it so I can use the quality part she did do. Oh well..human nature. Just have to go with the flow.

When I get home tonight I will post pictures......;o)


Stephanie Cake said...

Thank goodness for Gaga... she's like a bloodhound. hahaha! So where are the pix? x's & o's!

scappyhappy said...

For those of you who haven't figured it out ...GaGa is my mother...this name is what all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren call her. StephanieCake (my daughter) started it because she was the first grandchild and she couldn't say Grandma and it came out my mom has been GaGa ever since. We adults and in-law children all call her that. She has grandchildren from 11 to 35. And two great-grandchildren who are 11 and 3 months. She is the best 83 year old GaGa you ever want to meet!