Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I think this is a first!

I don't think I have ever posted twice in one day. I have gone from being "Happy Mom" to unproductive worker. It has been so unbearably hot in our office today....not from lack of heat but from no air circulating. I work in Washington DC in a building that was built in 1932 as a warehouse for tanks parts during WWII.....we have no windows except if you are lucky enough to work in the perimeter of the building which is reserved for upper management and I do not even come close to the privilege. Out of curiosity I looked up the building. I wish it looked like this but alas this is what they project the building will look like someday with renovations. I had to laugh because we still have pink and green bathrooms from the 50's and some of the sinks and toilets I think date from them also....The outside is vaguely similar. It looks like there are more windows than we actually have. I work in the center where there are none! I enter on the right side of the building. It has a slight slope to the back. Directly across the street is the train station and this is where they use to load tank parts to the freight cars .....now they just load people! LOL Oh well.....just a little trivia.

But to the reason for this little fit..... every thing I tired to do I found....it's broken, won't connect to the network, or I can't find it....that's our government ....what can I say...but our great Congress can vote themselves a terrific bonus....okay....I promise I will not journey on that bumpy road! So I am ending this day with "I can't wait to get home after class and put on my jammies and knit before I fall asleep"! I am wishing my life away because I need a vacation....Sad isn't it...Okay I am laughing in all my misery.....=o)

Plus, I found out I studied for only part of my quiz tonight...he added pages from a chapter we are working on.....argh.....I think I am going to look into the extra credit paper he suggested at the beginning of the semester....I need all the help I can get....I have senior -itis just like a kid!!!!

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