Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My New Toy!

Guess what I bought myself? I couldn't resist and my reasoning behind the purchase....think how much junk food this will keep me from buying!

I bought a Kindle 2 from Amazon! I have been eyeing them ever since Kindle One arrived. I waited until they worked out the bugs and then I pounced!

I travel each day by train to my job and the trip is about 1 hour 20 minutes one way. So I spend almost 3 hours commuting. I have carried my knitting and other small sewing projects but when I want to read it has been a hassle to carry books sometimes because they can be heavy. As I grow older I try to lighten my load as much as possible. When you work so far from home you have to carry certain things to survive...okay we women carry so much, but who do you think the men turn to when they need something!

With the Kindle I can carry several books on the Kindle and when I am finished with one I can move to another or read 2 at a time. This will be great to carry when I am waiting at the doctors office and other appointments. I am just so excited. It is so thin and light weight. I am becoming such a Techie nerd!

My Kindle is suppose to arrive tomorrow and I am so excited. I am already scoping out books on Amazon to purchase. At $9.99 or could go crazy! You can also subscribe to papers and magazines. more clutter in my house. Well less clutter....there will be times I will have to go out and purchase the real thing probably, but until then.....Kindle all the way! I am starting to feel like the organization bug is biting! Mmmmmmm......

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